10 reasons why you invest in Palestine

1 – Vital Economy – Annual Economic Growth: The economic growth in Palestine reached 5.9% in 2012, and the annual growth in GDP. The Palestinian economy is a living economy through economic data. Also, the foreign investment is growing. %).

2 – Holding the package of incentives: which apply to the administrative body and accounting

3. Palestine Bakr Land Investments: Palestine is in a continuous construction phase to expand its production throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

4. Infrastructure and advanced communications network: Provision of competitive services in electronic data networks.

5 – Qualified Industrial Zones: The development of industrial cities and means of achieving stability, which provides services, and advanced infrastructure, and incentives for outstanding investments based on them, in addition to registration services

– The industrial zone in Bethlehem.
Jericho Agricultural Industrial Zone.
Gaza Industrial City.
– The industrial zone in Jenin. (Under construction).
– Tarqumiya Industrial Area. (Under construction).

6 – The strategic location – Palestine The heart of the world and the link between the continents of Asia, Africa, Europe: Palestine was characterized by strategic location and geographical excellent, and formed a link between the continents of the world Asia, Africa and Europe, and increased its geographical importance that it oversees Bahrain in the very dimensions of the medium strategy And the Red Sea. Palestine also has a tourist attraction for its religious and holy sites, archaeological areas and cultural heritage.

7 – Qualified labor: The presence of the educated and skilled labor force, and the young community, with the labor force constituting 43.6% of the population.

8 – An appropriate working environment: Provide Member States with discussions with the US government on financial facilities for the future, through the development of investment institutions for investments in Palestine.

9 – Access to global markets: More than 11 trade agreements signed between the countries of the world, America Facilitate intra-trade and simplify procedures and customs facilities, which opened to the investor in Palestine job opportunities to markets abroad, in addition to the agreements of 350 million people.

10. Operations for financing: Identify financial institutions and institutions of higher education.