Real estate between development and investment .. Answer: Why lose some buildings?

Perhaps most of us are confused when talking about “real estate development” or “real estate investment”. It is one of the concepts that many people are drawn to, all of whom have conditions, style and function, to clarify some concepts such as real estate, real estate and contracting.

The real estate development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the field of real estate, as it has been concluded in urgent news: Malahim at its own expense.

The contractors are an integral part of the stages of development and supervision of the implementation of engineering projects and their technical sites and the … by the owner.

Real estate development contributes to the development and development of many residential, commercial and tourism areas and raise the value of sales through

1 – Investment idea: Should the idea be considered by the employee equally? A developer and study who is reliable can be qualified for physical, industrial or industrial therapy.

2 – Preliminary studies: Evaluation of the feasibility of work in the field of scientific research in postgraduate studies (applied study) in the field of human resources management.

3 – Selection of the site: Based on the results of preliminary studies that were developed on the basis of scientific research through scientific research suitability for the project closest to achieve greater success in achieving the project and marketing plan.

As far as the developer is concerned, a distinguished architectural teacher holds orders which may sometimes ignore the use of the task to contribute to the staff in this area. It is recommended to involve the investment expert specialized in the implementation of the work with the architect, since the early stages of the design until the implementation of a project that takes into account the technical, architectural and organizational aspects, The investment dimension that achieves the best return on investment.

4 – Final designs: Preparation of final designs that qualify for the necessary liquidation of the project by the Technical Equipment Advisory Office.

5. Estimated Budget: Define the project budget by encapsulating core costs from direct and direct costs to reach agreement in line with project implementation schedule.

6. Sources of funding: The financial resources on real estate investment, for example, are equivalent to their investments for different reasons. On the other hand, what is the reason for this? Available financing options and improved borrowing conditions commensurate with cash flows, the most important of which are: loan amount, grace period, repayment period, interest rate, and collateral required.

7 – Marketing Plan: Program to prepare the marketing program as a simple: (program, price, place, and coronation), which is shortened on all occasions. The prices should be consistent with the nature of the real estate units that are acceptable at the degree, does not thank that real estate marketing is not easy, especially in the context of high relations and depends to a large extent on the policy of investment developer in determining the strategy of investment stemming from the extent of awareness and analysis of market reality, where Attracting the market, safety, potential and business in Egypt,