The first steps to invest in Palestine

At the beginning of 2013, Palestinian investors met for investment in Palestine. The land was the focus of their first interest. The company was the result of that moment, and with a specialized team that started working to strengthen the Palestinian economy and enter into pilot projects.
Manazat Investment Company was founded on a future and national perspective on the reality of economic and social life in Palestine. Encouraging the rapid growth in the Palestinian investment real estate market, which called for the establishment of a company that provides all the services necessary for the development of investment, especially in the real estate sector with the highest standards of quality, to create a company composed of a professional team qualified to lead elites from various fields to implement new investment projects of its kind in Palestine .
Despite the decision of the company on its first day, that all economic sectors in the range of investment, they initially considered going into one of the most vital sectors of Palestine, the land because of the importance of the Palestinian people and its just cause.
The company has set a number of priorities to create a new perspective in real estate investment for Palestinian and foreign investors, to support and develop the Palestinian economy by investing in all real estate sectors, and to implement and deliver our projects at the highest possible level permanently, by providing creative investment opportunities Who are looking for safe investment opportunities in various areas of real estate development, while taking care to provide the best investment environment with a promising future.
At the beginning of last year, a specialized team with expertise, efficiency and great effort began to plan the company’s course so that it would not be like any other company investing in a field that might succeed once and may fail again. It also sought to collect all information about investment in Palestine A new pioneering investment of its kind in Palestine.
Since its inception, the company has implemented two strategic projects, the Land Project and the Deira Project.
“Land project” was the beginning of good on the company, and from the name of the land devised the name of the project, and the importance of investment in them, I saw “houses” to develop another formula for the importance of the land and ways to invest in it, taking from that approach.
In the opinion of the General Manager of the company, Mr. Ashraf Bahgat, the land is considered the most important thing that the Palestinian can invest in, because the land in the sense of our people means steadfastness and attachment and patience, and this is precisely what we seek to offer to our people. And cooperated with the Palestinian Investment Fund. It was invested with a large piece of land with an area of ​​14 dunums. We reorganized the plot and divided it into plots of land ranging from 700 to 800 square meters per plot of land and planning and implementing all the infrastructure works of the project. It was consensual T ownership documents for each plot of land and legally and formally to secure the right of the buyer to own the land.
The company finished decorating the land plots within the land project, by fencing the land, and cultivating it from the inside to be as a small garden to which one returns away from noise and business.
After the completion of the “Ard” project in Nuweima, the company decided to develop the idea that the plot would be a small house in a rural area. Hence, the idea of ​​the “Deira” project, launched last year, was in a beautiful rural area in Ramallah governorate Beer, land rehabilitation and infrastructure reconstruction.
Mr. Ashraf said the Deira project is like a small, closed residential neighborhood in a beautiful rural area. Our goal is to build a proposal for housing for Palestinian families in the West Bank and Gaza, as well as those living within the 1948 territories and Jerusalem, A rustic house amidst a pleasant atmosphere for the family, with the view, the luxury and the rural life, and at the same time close to the city of Ramallah.
The Deira project offers the opportunity to own an all-inclusive, fully finished, ready-to-live, fully-serviced residential house on a dunam plot of land with a property deed, ready infrastructure, wooded gardens and public gardens for project residents, High walls and a coastal view from the top of the project, 600 meters above sea level, to ensure a comfortable rural life for the project population.
Through its diversified projects, Manazel seeks to achieve national economic development, create job opportunities for youth, reduce unemployment, and build investment opportunities, creative and creative in meeting the needs of the market, especially that the company includes specialized staff in a number of areas needed to manage a leading company in its creative projects , Highly efficient.
“Houses” … future projects
“The company is working on a plan of action for the coming years in order to achieve real development in the company’s investment portfolio, not only in the real estate market despite its importance, and supporting our people through investment. In the most important sustainable projects, to assure the whole world that Palestine is fertile ground for investment and attractive opportunities for diversified investment.