Prices of apartments in all West Bank cities

On the impact of the sharp rise in land prices in West Bank cities, apartment prices have skyrocketed, as many capitalists and businessmen have moved to invest in the real estate sector as a lucrative and non-tax-free trade and supply and demand system. Especially for young people who are getting married, in light of the limited employment opportunities and the deteriorating economic conditions.

Reasons for rising prices

Eng. Afif Asaeed, Assistant Undersecretary at the Ministry of Public Works, said: “Several reasons have led to the rise in apartment prices in the last five years, the most important of which is the limited land as a result of the division of land according to the Oslo agreement which prohibits the exploitation of land classified as” C ” And the difficulty of obtaining permits from the Israeli side, which led to a rise in the price of dunums of land and therefore the rise in the prices of apartments, not to mention the rising prices of imported building materials, and thus will be reflected in the cost of apartments, They go to work inside Esra Yale because of high wages, which affected the labor market and hence our high wages here. ”

Increase in empty apartments

“People, especially those in the government sector who do not exceed NIS 3,000, are unable to buy apartments. Demand in the real estate market is not balanced with the offer, which means that apartment prices are inflexible,” he said. “Realtors do not reduce prices. The prices are fixed, convinced that the general trend of real estate is a rising trend, although there is stagnation in a period of activity will be active in this sector, which led to the accumulation and accumulation of apartments in the cities of the West Bank.

According to Asaid, the number of empty apartments in the West Bank cities about 35 thousand apartments, 25 thousand apartments in Ramallah, knowing that the number of empty apartments in the city of Ramallah 10 years ago did not exceed 8000 apartments, increasing the supply and investors in this sector Led to a large increase in empty apartments in the city, while in Hebron, the number of empty apartments to 3000 apartments, and the city of Nablus 5000 apartments, and the rest dispensers to other cities in the West.

Ramallah … imaginary prices

Real estate prices in Ramallah have skyrocketed over the past years, with the political situation stabilizing, to double its price in other cities, and between Imad Rida, owner of the Reda Real Estate Office in Ramallah. The price of the apartment finished “super deluxe” to 180 thousand dollars, while the bone up to 120 thousand dollars, while in the area of ​​the price of the apartment Super Deluxe finishing to 170 thousand dollars, and for the low prices are in the neighborhood of Umm al-Sharayt in the real estate based on ” “The flat is up to $ 160,000, and prices are falling in real estate built on The land of “Agency” any licensee from the Israeli link and unlicensed from the Palestinian side, the price of the apartment is adjusted to 60 thousand dollars.

100 thousand dinars dowry apartment in Nablus

For his part, the real estate investor Ghassan Marish from Nablus, says: “The housing area of ​​Amariya and the west of Nablus is the most expensive area of ​​the price of apartments, because of the low density of the population and the distinctive appearance in addition to the availability of services and infrastructure, bringing the price of the apartment area of ​​200 meters finishing” Super Deluxe ” To 110 thousand Jordanian dinars, while in the area of ​​Rafidia up to the price of the apartment area of ​​170 meters Deluxe finishing to 80 thousand dinars, and in the neighborhood of the hidden prices due to overcrowding population Faisal price per meter in the apartment bone to 250 dinars, an apartment of 150 meters on the imposition of the price of 37 thousand dinars. ”

Marish pointed out that the eastern region is the cheapest price being an industrial area, the price per square meter there for the apartment bone to 220 dinars.

He pointed out to the trend of investors recently to expand and urban expansion to the outskirts of the city to the west, such as Beit Wazel, Aljunaid, Sira and the area of ​​Asira Street, where these areas are building a lot of housing and villas and the price per square meter there for the flat between 350 – 400 Jordanian Dinar. ”

A rapprochement between Hebron and Jenin

On the prices of apartments in the city of Hebron, the real estate investor “Abu Alaa Slaima” for the “home of the homeland,” in the area of ​​Ein Sara near the Municipality of Hebron, the price of the apartment 150 meters super deluxe finishing between 75 – 80 thousand dinars, and in the area of ​​the Polytechnic Institute is the same price Mentioned above to 50 thousand dinars, while in the outskirts of Hebron up to 35 thousand dinars. ”

Eng. Wagih Hamarsheh real estate investor from the city of Jinin explained to the homeland that “the price of the apartment area of ​​150 meters finishing super deluxe arrive in the neighborhood of Zahra to 75 thousand dinars, while the price in the center of the country to 55 thousand dinars, and prices fall in the eastern neighborhood of the density of population High and weak infrastructure, the price of the apartment to 30 thousand dinars. ”

Noting that Jinin does not suffer from a crisis in the empty apartments due to the increase in demand, which may exceed the supply.